A game about seducing your innocent boy victim who just wants an interview.   

In The Shadow of Oberbaum Bridge you play as a centuries old bloodsucker living in Berlin in 1922. On one night you trick the young journalist Hans Beringer into coming to your lair. Answer the boy's questions right to enchant him with your vampire charms. If you think you've charmed him enough, lean in, and go for the bite. But beware, if you wait too long, the boy will escape or the sun will rise. If you go too fast though, the boy might become a bit of trouble to you.
Tip: The better you play, the more Hans relaxes in his chair! A relaxed Hans is a more edible Hans...

This game is played with mouse and is fully voiced, so audio is highly recommended.  The game has five different endings, see if you can find them all. Content has mild sexual overtones.

This game is made for the VAMPIRE JAM 2019 << click here to vote!
This is the version of the game with fixed endings.

Art & Animation - Aïda de Ridder
Writing and Voice Acting - Roy van der Schilden
Coding - Bart Heijltjes

Music from freesound by FoolBoyMedia

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TheShadowofOberbaumBridge_Windows.zip 44 MB
ShadowOfOberbaumBridge_macOS.zip 46 MB


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i feel like i'm missing something. he seems to relax no matter which answer i choose, and i always get staked when i go to bite, even if i wait till the last hour...

it would certainly be easier to figure out if there were saves/skips, instead of having to play all the way through and start over.

Its a very intense game. I just got to see 3 endings but all good. Thank you.. I like vampire stories.


I'm really confused ive only let him  go   and gotten staked. How do I get another ending?

Try mixing up your answers a bit and make sure to bite him as late as possible before he runs. ;)

Oh okay, thanks!!


I really like this game. It's short but engaging, and the animation and dialogue is really good. It's a joy to look at and listen to. The attention to detail is pretty impressive. For example, I noticed that when you're close, the teeth icon change color depending on how much the sun has risen. Found 4/5 endings, but I can't figure out how to do the last one, though. I look forward to more games like this from the developers.


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The  fifth ending is very hard to find, for those who want a walkthrough to get there, read further.
                                   vv --- SPOILERS BELOW --- vv

Thank you kindly – You are my guest – You're up past bedtime - You are quite appetizing – I'm a vampire – I can't tell, you won't understand – I don't know anymore – I have lived many lives – I give life eternal! – I live for the hunt for blood – I prey on humans because I have to.

Lol I replayed this a lot of times trying to find a good ending, the game dynamic is really fun and interesting.

Thank you! :) And did you find all 5 endings?


I found three of them!